Naked Brit ‘jumps 150ft to death from top of ferris wheel in front of tourists’

A British man has reportedly jumped to his death from a 150ft ferris wheel in front of shocked tourists and children.

The man, understood to be in his 50s, is said to have stripped off after climbing to the top of the amusement ride in Italy before plummeting to the ground.

The horrific incident happened yesterday in the Italian holiday resort of Rimini on the Adriatic coast.

One shocked eyewitness told The Sun: ”It was horrible. He dodged security and then climbed to the very top of the wheel. It was a summer night and so the area was still packed with people.

”Once at the top he took his clothes off and then a few minutes later he jumped and as he came down he hit several part of the wheel which had been stopped by the operator.

‘It was terrible there were loads of kids still around and they all saw what happened. The police and paramedics were at the scene pretty quick but there was nothing that could be done.”

A police spokesman confirmed: ”We are investigating the circumstances of how a British man in his 50s was found dead at the foot of the ferris wheel in Rimini.

A file is being prepared for the local magistrate but there is no suspicion of anyone else being involved.”

Footage from the scene shows police surrounding the ferris wheel as shocked members of the public look on.

Another clip also shows a man’s trainer next to evidence markers in front of a sign which says ‘Diamond Wheel’.