Naked body discovered in Malaysian jungle is missing British teenager

Nora Quoirin’s parents have identified her dead body after it was found near a waterfall in the Malaysian jungle, police confirmed today.

The discovery was made by a volunteer hiker on the tenth day of an intensive search of the area surrounding the eco-resort where she was on holiday.

Her body was found near a waterfall around a mile away from the villa where the family were staying when the 15-year-old vanished.

Nora had told her family she was ‘excited’ to visit a waterfall when she arrived at the resort, a volunteer searcher told MailOnline.

The body was found near a stream in an area that had previously been searched, said Malaysia’s Deputy Inspector General of Police Mazn Mazlan.

State Police chief Mohammed Yusop said: ‘I can confirm a body has been found in the Betembum mountains. It is not in an accessible place’.

He said the white-skinned body was intact and forensics and a pathologist rushed to the scene after the police hotline was alerted at around 2pm local time.

The body was winched out of the jungle by helicopter and flown to Serenbam hospital. It was found near Gunung Berembun in the Pantai Hills.

Her parents, Frenchman Sebastien, 47, and Irish woman Meabh, 45, had the harrowing ordeal of identifying their daughter’s body in the hospital’s mortuary.

Yusop said an autopsy would determine a cause of death and would not comment if the teenager had any visible injuries.

Police confirmed it was still being classed as a missing persons case but that a criminal investigation was ongoing.