My mate went psycho after I cut her daughter’s hair – and I don’t get it

A MUM has revealed how she was left “feeling like a monster” after she cut the hair of her friend’s daughter.

The anonymous post was shared on Kidspot by the amateur hairdresser who revealed that her mate had since ended their friendship.

She explained that she had brought her three children over to her friend’s house for a playdate with her three-year-old daughter Bella*.

Bella’s mum had been having a “tough week” and so the poster was hoping to give her friend a bit of a break.

She claims that Bella’s hair was looking on the “scruffy” and so she asked the little girl if she could make it “look pretty” and the toddler agreed.

Struggling to remove the knots from Bella’s hair, the mum decided to give her friend’s daughter a trim.

She admitted that it had crossed her mind to check with her friend but became distracted by the children.

In the end she removed a total of six inches from Bella’s hair believing that she was doing her friend a favour.

But her pal did not see it that way.

After seeing a photo of Bella’s new do, she texted to say: “How dare you touch my baby daughter’s hair?!

She has never had a single haircut in her life. I am her mother and I don’t even cut her hair!”

Her friend was left in shock, believing that she would be grateful.

In her post she explains: “I was being made to feel like a monster, someone who had intentionally damaged a child’s welfare”

Despite believing that her friend had “grossly overreacted” she ended up apologising in a bid to save their friendship, realising she should have checked first.

However, Bella’s mum is still not on speaking terms with her former pal, who says she is now uncertain as to where she wants to maintain their friendship.

She added: “I’m not sure I really want to be close friends with someone who is so easily unhinged over something so superficial.”

*Names have been changed