My controlling ex used an electric drill to rip out my hair

A MUM told how her evil boyfriend ripped the hair from her scalp using an electric DRILL – after finding decade-old ‘raunchy’ photos on her phone.

Suzie Kemp, 38, was left with a bald patch on the side of her head following the horrific battering at the hands of controlling Aaron Kearsley, 28.

The mum-of-three was so manipulated by Kearsley she initially blamed herself for the assault – which also saw him beat her with furniture and burn her with hot cooking oil.

But the brave victim fled when he fell asleep and went to the police to help jail him for four years and two months at Leeds Crown Court.

Yob Kearsley was also sentenced for violent attacks on another partner, who was pregnant at the time.

Suzie has opened up about her horrific ordeal to encourage other women to speak out and take action against abusers.

The pair, who had known each other for several years, started a relationship in December 2017, and Suzie said initially it was “just shy of perfect”.

But in February 2018 Kearsley became paranoid after finding tasteful but raunchy photos of her on her phone, which were more than ten years old, she claims.

He then started to control Suzie, who said she made allowances due to his mental health problems, she claims.

Suzie said he controlled her, and with hindsight, she realises he convinced her to stop studying psychology at university, reading, and wearing designer clothes and jewellery.

She said he even managed to convince her to smash her old phone to prove her commitment to him.

Suzie claims he also called her a “slag and prostitute”.

But the brutal attack – for which he was jailed – happened on January 26 this year after she struggled through months of living with his controlling behaviour.

It was just days after Suzie and Kearsley got back together following a five-week break.

Self-employed Suzie, from Leeds, said: “Somebody was going to get it that night and unfortunately it was me.”

Kearsley drunkenly lashed out while at his flat after finding a male friend’s number in her phone.

She claims that after beating her with a clothes horse, he then grabbed a drill from the utility cupboard and held it close to the back of her neck, while pressing the button.

Suzie’s hair got caught around the drill bit and a large chunk was ripped from her scalp.

Describing the attack Suzie said: “He had first picked up a clothes horse and hit me over the head. It was almost like I was his worst enemy.

“When I ran into the kitchen and he picked up the frying pan I’d just cooked with and dripped scalding oil over my arms as I tried to protect my face.

“I turned around and said to him ‘Bring it on’.

“I then went to the living room and he followed me but had managed to grab hold of a drill from a utility room.

“He held my head down and he put the drill on the back of my neck. It rotated a few seconds and my hair got tangled in the bit before he ripped a chunk out.

“In shock, I ran my hand over my head and could feel a huge chunk of hair was missing.

But despite his violent actions Suzie said Kearsley then started getting upset and tried to hug her while she lie motionless and terrified.

“Because I didn’t react, he then flipped and held it up to me as if he was going to do it again and I said to him, ‘Go for it, make sure you do the other side so it’s equal’.

“I don’t know why I would say that but I didn’t want to let him know that he had hurt me.

“He then fireman’s lifted me and threw me on the bed. I rolled over and pretended I was going to sleep but secretly, I was waiting for him to nod off as I planned my escape.

“I laid there thinking, ‘I needed to get out of here’.”

Brave Suzie knew she had to escape and as Kearsley slept she silently crept out of bed and ran back to her house.

“I was in absolute agony, as soon as I got home I messaged my friend and rang the police,” she said.

Kearsley was arrested and jailed for four years and two months at Leeds Crown Court in March this year.

Kearsley pleaded guilty to three offences of assault occasioning actual bodily harm, controlling or coercive behaviour and two offences of possession of a class B drug.

The court heard he put his hands around the other woman’s throat and choked her so hard she thought she was going to die, while she was pregnant.

He then threw her to the ground, causing her to bang her head and kicked her repeatedly for around a minute, it was said.

Kearsley became violent when she told him she was leaving him over his drinking and drug use.

He hit her with a toothbrush charger which cut through her cheek to her lip, causing permanent scarring, the court heard.

Kearsley was branded ‘a danger to women’ by Judge Mushtag Khokhar.

Suzie says she cried tears of happiness when she heard the verdict.

She now believes her confrontational attitude towards him was due to the trauma he caused her.

“I had the attitude ‘bring it on, you can do what you want’,” she said.

“I know that’s not normal behaviour but I didn’t feel scared. I was numb.

When he was jailed I had tears of happiness in my eyes but it was temporary. I think I was more relieved.

“Yes, I’m scared of him and it’s hard for me to admit that.

“But I can now go in my back garden and not think there is someone watching me.

“I want to encourage people to take action against abusers by going on the Women’s Aid site and signing the petitions available to enforce better laws against domestic abuse.

“Now, when you ask me ‘Am I a victim?’ I can say, ‘Yes I am.’

“Because I take responsibility for my own actions and own choices I find it difficult to point the finger of blame, but I lost a hell of a lot of myself to the extent that I didn’t realise I was lost.”

Suzie was pleased to see violent Kearsley jailedSuzie is now urging other women to speak out to take action against abusers.

While some of her hair is growing back, some is still missing and she said her hairdresser has warned her hair follicles might be so damaged, they won’t return.

Suzie said she’s willing to forgive Kearsley if he accepts what he has done and learns from it while in jail – but will never take him back.

“He had a future with me but now he hasn’t,” she said.

“I don’t want anything from him, even sorry.

“I can forgive him but that’s no way endorsing what he has done. That’s just so he can accept it himself and change.”