My baby was born with TEETH – doctors had to remove them in case she choked

NEW MUM Nerissa Woodward, 18, was stunned when she gave birth to little Emilia Harper Jaymes Bridge and found her baby girl had entered the world with her two front bottom canines intact.

The baby was in the breech position so medics performed a c-section at St Mary’s Hospital, Manchester on December 31 last year and the little girl – who weighed a healthy 6lbs 12oz – was placed straight in her mum’s arms.

It wasn’t until an hour after the delivery that Nerissa and her partner, Michael Bridge, 20, realised their daughter had been born with the gnashers – when she went to feed the youngster.

Now Nerissa, of Ancoats, Manchester, tells her extraordinary story:

As soon as my girl was born on New Year’s Eve last year, I was smitten.

She had eye-catching ginger hair, sparkling blue eyes and was totally gorgeous.

I fell in love with her straight away.

She had her first feed virtually immediately and initially I didn’t notice anything was up.

An hour later I gave her her second feed. But as I popped the bottle in her mouth she kept it there – like she was chewing onto it.

I was so shocked.

I looked into her mouth and realised that she had been born with two teeth.

I didn’t even know that was possible.

As soon as I noticed them I sent my partner to go and get a midwife because I just couldn’t believe it.

The medical team said it’s extremely rare for babies to be born with teeth and it was strange.

They hadn’t seen it before, but knew there was a small chance it could happen.

Apparently it is caused by an increase of protein in your body, the same kind which explains why some babies have way more hair than others.

I didn’t breastfeed, but I imagine it would have been quite painful with her sharp little teeth.

Just an hour after Emilia was born doctors dislodged her teeth.

They were worried they would be a choking hazard.

One came out easily with sugar water but the other took more going out.

It flew out as she was being winded and we don’t know where it went although doctors checked and she definitely did not swallow it.

kept her tooth as I was so amazed by it.

Every time I show people the picture or say she was born with teeth they are so stricken by it and are very confused as babies usually get teeth around six months old.

My grandad James, 72, passed away from lung cancer, just a few months before she was born.

He had just two teeth – we joke she’s pinched them!

Dr Guy Barwell, co-founder of The Implant Centre, previously told Fabulous Digital: “It is very unusual for babies to be born with teeth, but it is a recognised form of tooth that is aptly named ‘the natal tooth’.

“They are usually poorly formed, tiny and often have roots that are very limited so are quite loose in the gum.

“The main issue is obviously with breastfeeding, and how much this would be affected. They don’t replace the deciduous teeth that should still come through, but are an additional set.”

It is estimated one out of every 2,000 babies have neo-natal teeth.