Mum who killed her twin son and daughter aged 23 months will NOT face a murder trial

A MUM who killed her 23-month-old twins on Boxing Day will not face a murder trial.

Samantha Ford, 38, killed little Jake and Chloe before going for a drive and crashing her car.

She admitted manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility on May 28, and her plea was accepted today by prosecutors.

Ford will not face trial for murder and could instead be dealt with under the Mental Health Act.

Prosecutor Edward Brown QC said: “My lordship gave the prosecution time on the last occasion to consider the report of Dr Joseph carefully and consider whether pleas entered on the last occasion were acceptable to the crown.

“The prosecution team have considered all the reports and all of the facts of this case very carefully – it’s a case of great sensitivity in all respects.

“We have taken instructions, I have taken instruction from those instructing me and the father of the deceased children has of course been consulted in respect of this question.

“The results of those consultations and the advice and instruction given to me is that those pleas are acceptable and we do not ask for a trial in respect of the two counts of murder.”

The Old Bailey heard previously 23-month-olds Jake and Chloe were found dead at Ford’s home in Margate, Kent, on December 27.

Ford had been involved in a car crash at 2.50am, and when rescuers got to her she told them to check her home.

When police raided her home at 3:35am, they found the tots dead – although pathologists believe they died the day before.

Mr Brown said: “It may be the court will require help on her present condition and Dr Joseph is the best person to help in that respect.”

The prosecutor said the psychiatrists reports may help with ‘possible disposal’ of the case.

Judge Andrew Edis said: “The court should obtain a psychiatric report from Dr Joseph dealing with the present condition and prognosis of the defendant.

“And any disposal of the case in the doctor’s view under the Mental Health Act.”

The sentencing hearing, expected to last half a day, will take place next month.