Mum uses 75p B&M spray to get rid of grimy mould stains on her blinds in MINUTES

DESPITE our best efforts, sometimes it’s just impossible to stay on top of the cleaning at home.

Well if you’re struggling with unsightly mildew stains in those hard-to-reach areas, you might want to take inspiration from one cleaning-mad mum who got her mould-stained blinds looking “as good as new” thanks to a 75p product.

Writing on the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips group on Facebook, the woman admitted she was “a little embarrassed” to post the original photo of her grimy blinds.

Unaware that it had gotten quite so bad, the woman wrote: “This is one of my vertical blinds, the end one in the corner of the window… thank goodness my curtain was hiding it.”

Believing she was going to have to replace them entirely, the mum was left amazed when a last-ditch attempt to clean her blinds had them looking “as good as new” in just five minutes.

She added: “I really didn’t think anything would shift it but thanks to Astonish Mould and Mildew blaster, it now looks brand new!

Cannot rate this stuff highly enough! I really can’t believe the difference!”

After spraying the product directly on the unsightly stains, the mum wrote: “These blinds are about 16 years old and they’ve come out like new. There is literally a 5-10 minute difference between the before and after picture.”

Unsurprisingly, the group’s 38,000 members were similarly blown away with the results.

One replied: “It’s brilliant, I’ve just blitzed my boy’s shower cubicle – the grout wasn’t looking great but now it’s honestly like brand new.”

Another added: “Wow, some of my conservatory blinds have gone like that, I was thinking I would need new ones but I’d rather try this than spend another £200.”