Mum-to-be filmed aborting twins for documentary

A documentary shows a pregnant woman taking an abortion pill after making the difficult decision to abort the twins she was carrying.

The Abortion Divide, screened on US network PBS in April, showed the everyday procedures inside an abortion clinic in Pennsylvania.

America has been split in two by the issue with many states choosing this year to restrict the rights of women to terminate their pregnancy.

One of those is Alabama which controversially passed a near-total ban on abortions including in cases of rape and incest.

In the doc, mother-of-two Taryn is shown swallowing the so-called “abortion pill” – RU-486 – which was approved by the federal government in 2000.

A doctor is filmed telling the pregnant patient that she will have to take a second pill to induce the symptoms of a miscarriage the following day at home.

Taryn told the filmmakers that she made the tough decision to abort with her husband Charles.

She said: “What I hope I feel is a sense of peace, not only with myself and the decision that I’ve made, but also a sense of peace with these two beings that I’ve chosen not to bring into the world.

Thank you for choosing me. And I’m honoured to be given this gift of life. And also, I can’t do it right now.

I can’t accept that mantle in terms of the other lives that I’m taking care of and I’m responsible for.”

She said she anticipates feelings of sadness and guilt but added: “I’m confident in the decision we made.”

Since the US Supreme Court voted in favour of abortion in 1973, clinics in the country have had to deal with protesters and even violent attacks including mass shootings.

The Pennsylvania practice featured in the film has bulletproof glass and also escorts women in and out of the centre to shield them from protesters.

According to the Pro-Choice America Foundation, violence directed towards abortion providers has killed at least 11 people.

And since 1977, there have been 41 bomb attacks on clinics in the USA and Canada, according to National Abortion Federation (NAF).