Mum of three, 37, dies falling down stairs in her home

AN INCREDIBLY brave young lad discovered his beloved mum dead at the bottom of the stairs of their family home – and kept his little sister’s from seeing her body, as well as contacting emergency services.

Suzanne Curtis, 37, tragically died in a freak accident when she fell down the stairs of her home in Port Talbot, Wales and was discovered by her heartbroken 17-year-old son, Connor who sensibly kept his sisters Aleysha, 13 and Chiara, 12 away from the horrific scene.

Acting with maturity beyond his years, 17-year-old Connor immediately contacted emergency services and phoned his father to collect his two younger sisters.

Connor’s auntie, Amanda told Wales Online: “For a 17-year-old boy he has shown such maturity.

“When he found his mum, he immediately thought of the two young girls and didn’t want them to see their mum at the bottom of the stairs.

“He called their father to come pick them up and come straight round.

“He also dealt with the police and paramedics, it is unbelievable how a 17-year-old boy could deal with that situation,” she continued.

An inquest, which opened on August 1, heard the mum of three was found by police at the bottom of the stairs.

Acting senior coroner Colin Phillips said: “Police attended and it seems she was found at the bottom of the stairs. CID were involved in the investigation and did not suspect any third-party involvement.

“It’s believed she tragically fell down the stairs.”

The death of Aberdeen-born Suzanne was described as “sudden and unexplained”.

Suzanne was born in Scotland and travelled across the world with her dad, Tony, who worked with the Royal Air Force dealing with Fuel instillation.

She spent some time living in Germany and has lived all over the UK, from Scotland to the Midlands and eventually settling with 17-year-old Connor in Wales with her ex-partner, Ayesha and Chiara’s dad.

In Port Talbot, Suzanne was a respected and successful health and well-being coordinator at St Joseph’s Catholic School and Sixth Form Centre where she had previously worked as a teaching assistant.

She is described as a “significant” and “important part of the school community.”

St Joseph’s held a memorial service for their beloved colleague where the attendance “showed how loved she was and the impact she had on so many people’s lives.”

Suzanne was also studying inclusive education at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David and had aspirations to work in child psychology.

Arty Suzanne loved “upcycling” old furniture and raising money for charity, but mainly loved spending time with her children outdoors.

“She was kind, caring and had a little bit of a wild side,” her dad, Tony said.

“She always thought of other people and could not do enough for others. She was really, really family orientated and her children always came first.

“She was the life and soul. I’ll always remember her for being my daughter. We had so many happy memories right through childhood where we’d all go out on big family get-togethers.

“For me, I just liked coming down from Leeds and sitting and talking to her. It was always so nice.

“She will always be remembered for her fun-loving nature and kindness, she definitely had a wicked side and a great sense of humour.

“She will just be remembered for being Suzie, she was definitely one of a kind and she touched so many people in a lovely way.

She loved to help the kids and she was very well-respected, not just as an employee but as a person.

“She just had this way with children, they all seemed to listen to her. Some of them had problems at home and she had a knack of calming them down. She will be missed not just by the staff but by the pupils too.”

A fundraising page has been set up in memory of Suzanne to help support her devastated kids.

The fundraising page reads: “The money raised from your generosity and compassion will help to support the family with unexpected expenses, be put in trust for her beautiful children for their futures and to help to see them through the unchartered [sic] days of grief that lie ahead of them.”

An inquest into her death has been opened and adjourned until January 9 next year pending results of a post-mortem examination and toxicology reports.