Mum demands kids at daughter’s Build-A-Bear birthday party give their toys to HER child as she ‘paid for them’

A MUM has been slammed for hosting a Build-A-Bear birthday party for her child – and then demanding all the guests give the toys they made to her own daughter.

Upset parent and Reddit user namenerd77, believed to be from the US, revealed her experience online after several children were left in tears.

The mum said her six-year-old child had attended the party on Saturday and all eight young guests had made stuffed animals.

When they left the shop, the Reddit user said that the mother of the birthday girl insisted all youngsters hand over their new toys, leaving many distraught.

The outraged parent said: “The party was being held at Build a Bear, but it wasn’t run by the employees.

“We had cake and pizza in the food court, then went down to BAB to make bears, then back to friends house for the rest of the party.”

She revealed that the invite had specified that each child would make a bear at the party – but hasn’t said they wouldn’t be able to keep their creations.

She said: “I just assumed they would get to take them home, since that is what happened at another BAB party I went to.”

The mum even revealed she had chipped in $30 (£22.99) to help out with the party costs as she knows “these things can get expensive”.

The children were let loose making their dream animal toys – but they were not prepared for the unexpected twist when they were finished.

She explained: “We leave the store, then friends mom announces that the kids need to give all their animals to her daughter. Cue the upset and angry kids.

“They all disappointingly handed over their animals, and friend wasn’t even being nice about it either. Another little boy didn’t want to, and friend ripped it out of his hands.

“I probably should have said something, but I didn’t. The other parents seemed pretty baffled too.”

Things got even worse when the party moved back to the girl’s house and the kids were forced to watch her play with all their bears.

The mum said: “I left with my daughter pretty quickly, and once we got back into the car she just started bawling. I felt bad so we went to Build-A-Bear and got her a new one.”

She also added that not only had she contributed to party costs, but they had already bought a present for the birthday girl.

Many Reddit users were shocked at the birthday girl’s mum’s demands for the toys.

One wrote: “This is disturbing. It sounds like something the Dursleys would do to Harry Potter.”

Another added: “This was an emotionally abusive thing to do to a child that age.”

And one said it would have repercussions for the birthday girl, and wrote: “I would never attend another party they hosted. That kid is gonna get blacklisted by her whole grade level.”

However, one commenter revealed they work at Build-A-Bear and said this was actually normal behaviour from their experience.

They employee wrote: “I don’t know why, but this is a Thing.

“I used to run a BABW and had two parties where parents did the exact same terrible thing.

“(For each one between my mgr discounts and everyone in the store – including other customers — chipping in, we were able to get the kids new animals.)”