Mum becomes first in Britain to be jailed for FGM after cutting daughter, 3, in ‘witchcraft’ ritual

A MUM has become the first person to be caged for female genital mutilation after hiring a “witch” to cut her three-year-old daughter.

The 37-year-old claimed she had never heard of FGM but was found guilty last month after trying to “shut up” accusers with witchcraft.

When she spoke to cops, the girl – now aged five – said she was pinned down while a woman mutilated her during the 2017 summer bank holiday.

Police raiding the home in Walthamstow, East London, found spells hidden inside 40 frozen limes and two ox tongues with screws embedded in them.

Chilling pictures show handwritten spells and curses aimed at blocking police and social workers from investigating with messages telling them to “freeze their mouths”.

The Ugandan mum was today jailed for 11 years at the Old Bailey after being convicted last month in a legal first for the UK.

A further two years was added to her sentence for possessing indecent images and extreme pornography.

Her Ghanaian partner, 43, was cleared of FGM and an alternative charge of failing to protect a girl from risk of genital mutilation.

Commenting on the psychological effect the surgery had on her daughter, Mrs Justice Whipple said today: “This is a significant and life long burden for her to carry.

“You betrayed her trust in you as her protector.”

Jurors heard how the surgery on the girl went wrong and emergency services were told she had fallen.

But a surgeon found three separate sites of injury and no bruising to indicate a fall.

The youngster was instructed to tell social workers she had injured herself on a cupboard door after climbing on to a work surface to get biscuits.

Prosecutor Caroline Carberry QC said the mother had an interest in witchcraft and targeted social workers, police then-Director of Public Prosecutions Alison Saunders.

The two-page “court spell” document featured the names of her children and others involved in her case.

Describing the items found by cops, Ms Carberry said: “Two cow tongues, they were bound in wire with nails and a small blunt knife also embedded in them, 40 limes were found and other fruit which when opened contained pieces of paper with names on them.

“These people were to ‘shut up’ and ‘freeze their mouths’.”

The mum maintained during the trial her daughter had been injured while falling but jurors saw through her lies.

They were told the injuries were deliberately inflicted by someone using a very sharp implement 12 hours before the girl was taken to hospital.

Detective Chief Inspector Ian Baker of the Child Abuse and Sexual Offences Command, said: “This was a complex, sensitive investigation with a harrowing crime committed by this defendant.

“We cannot lose sight that this case is about a very young girl who was the victim of an illegal, horrific and life-changing act at the hands of her mother.

“I would like to acknowledge the bravery she and her sibling have shown since the offence was committed.

An array of evidence – witness accounts, and medical and forensic evidence – which showed that FGM was the cause of the girl’s horrific injuries was painstakingly built, and this evidence was presented to a jury who after careful deliberation has found this woman guilty of FGM.”

There have been just three other trials involving FGM – two in London and one in Bristol – which all ended in acquittals.

And around 298 prevention orders have been put in place to safeguard children at risk.