Mum, 28, suffering postnatal depression commits suicide on her birthday

A 28-YEAR-OLD mum suffering postnatal depression shot herself dead on her birthday while her husband was out buying her a cake for a surprise party.

Suzana Babic was found unconscious by friends who had come to her house to celebrate the occasion in the Serbian city of Subotica.

They called an ambulance and she was taken to a nearby hospital but she died despite from a pistol wound to the head.

A family friend said Suzana, a professional make-up artist, was in a loving relationship with her husband, who she’d been with since high school.

Local media reported she was suffering from postnatal depression since giving birth to her child two months earlier, and had been to the doctor complaining she felt unwell.

The friend added: “Nobody could assume this, at least from us who knew her, that she could do that.

“Our souls and hearts are breaking.”

Suzana was buried at the Russian Orthodox cemetery in Subotica on Friday, according to Kurir.

Postpartum or postnatal depression (PPD) is a common mood disorder associated with childbirth that affects one in every ten women who give birth.

Symptoms include sadness, low energy, anxiety, crying, irritability as well as sleeping and appetite problems and can negatively affect the newborn child.

It is not clear whether an investigation has been opened.