Mother who turned to IVF has triplets and two are natural after couple ignored sex ban

A WOMAN who turned to IVF was stunned to discover she was expecting triplets — two of them conceived naturally.

Betty Bienias, 36, and husband Pawel ignored a no-sex rule in the days before egg collection

It resulted in her getting pregnant with one child through IVF and conceiving the twins naturally.

Betty, who had been trying for a baby for seven years, said: “You’re not allowed to have sex four days before the egg collection but I don’t think we listened.”

She says their nurse told them it was the first time in her career she had witnessed such a feat.

Betty had a caesarean at the Royal United Hospital in Bath on December 13 at 34 weeks pregnant.

Mathylda and Borys — conceived naturally — and Amelia, via IVF, are now home.

Their weight loss consultant mum, of Corsham, Wilts, has polycystic ovary syndrome and feared her condition would prevent her becoming a mother. She shed five stone last year after being advised it would boost her fertility

Expert Prof Geeta Nargund, medical director at Create Fertility, said couples are warned not to have sex during the egg collection process as it can result in multiple births.

Having twins and triplets is a higher risk.