Mother-of-the-bride is found dead after going missing during her daughter’s wedding

A 70-year-old Irish woman was found dead at her daughter’s wedding in yesterday.

The woman, who has been named by police as Bernadette Power, was found in woodlands near the idyllic Italian farmhouse where her daughter was tying the knot.

The fire brigade made the heartbreaking discovery of her body following a three-hour search after her anxious family raised the alert at around 5pm on Sunday

It is understood the wedding was being celebrated in a farmhouse in Tragliata in the municipality of Fiumicino near Rome.

It is thought the mother of the bride decided to go for a walk before she was found in a moat.

Her relatives and friends contacted the police when she did not return.

Her body was spotted at around 8.15pm after a fire department’s helicopter in woods less than half a mile from the hotel where she was staying.

An autopsy will reveal the cause of death but at this stage, the authorities believe it was from natural causes.

The full-scale rescue had also involved members of the new Civil Protection unit, the Carabinieri Italian specialist police force, local and state police officers and volunteers.

There were fears she could have fallen down a ravine so the mountain-river unit was also drafted in with ropes, helmets and special equipment to perform a quick recovery if needed.

The Italian authorities have expressed their upset at ‘the terrible tragedy’.

Alfredo Diorio, delegate for Civil Protection at Fiumicino, told Italian press: ‘I feel obliged to thank all the men and women who took part in the search.

‘Everything possible has been done but unfortunately we have not succeeded in the enterprise and this is for us a big regret. ‘

Irish Foreign Office told MailOnline they were aware of the case and is providing consular assistance.