Mother goes viral with £1 hayfever tip for the family

A thrifty mother has gone viral after sharing a handy £1 hack, which she claims instantly cures hayfever symptoms. 

Sam Cross, from Greater Manchester, took to UK over the weekend, revealing that she had found a quick fix for her summer allergy.

Posting a picture of face and hand wipes she bought in Poundstretcher, the woman explained that they had worked ‘instantly’ for her.

The post quickly racked up 3,400 likes, 7,800 comments and dozens of shares, as hayfever sufferers flocked to the post.

Sharing a snap of the handy wipes, Sam wrote: ‘ £1 in poundstretcher. Definitely worth it for the money and they work instantly for me’. 

The wipes, which retail at 30 for 99p, are suitable for use on both hands and face, and are described as being ‘infused with peppermint and tea tree oil to soothe skin and prevent pollen from irritating it further.’

Sharing their excitement at the discovery, one follower wrote: ‘I got some yesterday, they are good and have very good reviews’. 

Another branded them a great ‘quick fix’, adding: ‘I got my son some they are helping. His hayfever is showing no signs of improving with age but they help for an instant fix’.

One added: ‘They’re in Poundland too! I bought it recently. Not used yet though lol’.

Elsewhere one mum told how they worked in minutes, explaining: ‘My daughter’s eyes were purple and swollen bad and they worked within 5 mins’.

Vowing to buy them, one follower added: ‘It’s good to hear they work from someone so i know where I’m off today’. 

Praising their effectiveness, one follower said: ‘I got them from savers yesterday and they have been awesome, fair play’.

Sharing another tip, a hayfever sufferer added: ‘Mine were swollen ive been using frozen peas on them to help’.

But some slammed the environmental impact that disposable wipes have, writing: ‘These wipes are contributing significantly to plastic pollution of our water systems and are also entirely made from on biodegradable plastic please think twice. Some of our wipes are ending up dumped in Malaysia’.

Another claimed: ‘Wipes! Plastic! Surely a wet flannel will do the same’.