Morrisons is selling enough meat for FOURTEEN meals for £10

MEAT lovers rejoice as Morrisons has brought back its giant meat pack for £10.

Perfect for carnivores, the 2.13kg box contains enough meat for 14 meals.

The supermarket first sold the meat pack last year.

But it has brought it back again because of popular demand, and it contains the same ingredients.

Inside the meaty hamper you get eight The Best Pork Sausages, 450g of diced beef, 420g of steak mince and a 800g pork loin joint.

It will go on sale at all Morrisons stores this week but only until Sunday, so you’ll need to head down soon if you want one.

Unfortunately, you get 100g less meat for the same price this year as Morrisons has reduced the size of the joint in the pack from 900g.

Morrisons says the meat pack saves customers £4 as that amount of meat would usually cost £14 at the supermarket.

All the meat in the pack is British, and is freshly prepared at the supermarket’s Market Street fresh meat counters.

You can also ask the butcher at the counter for tips on how to cook the meat.

But sadly, that means that they’re not available online.

Matthew Slater, Morrisons’ meat buyer said: “Customers have told us it’s important that we make British meat affordable.

“We’re pleased to be able to offer a pack which can be used to make a whole host of meals for a family, including bolognese, roast pork, bangers & mash and casseroles.”

It’s not the only meat pack Morrisons sells.

It also has a pricier £12 2.3kg Market Street Meat Box, which contains four beef quarter pounders, 700g of beef meatballs, four pork loin steaks weighing 500g and 675g of beef mince.

In addition, there’s a smaller 1.334kg Eat Smart Meat box for £9 which contains four beef burgers, four pork loin medallions and lean beef mince.