Michael Jackson’s die-hard fans now say singer WAS a paedo as Brits left ‘literally sick’ watching documentary

DIE-HARD Michael Jackson fans have finally been convinced the pop star was a paedophile after the explosive Leaving Neverland documentary was aired in the UK for the first time last night.

The documentary sent waves of disgust through the viewing public and even lifelong fans took to social media to admit they were finally persuaded by Wade Robson, 36 and James Safechuck, 40, who both claimed they were sexually abused by the singer when they were kids.

Many of those who tuned in to watch said they were left feeling “literally sick” as the men made a string of gruesome claims about the late King of Pop.

One viewer tweeted: “Just watched. I’m sick to my stomach ! To think I was a big Michael Jackson fan. He was a crafty manipulative paedophile. ROT IN HELL.”

Another said: “I watched part 1 of Leaving Neverland and it was so terribly hard to watch.

“I was a huge fan of Michael Jackson’s for years but after that I just can’t anymore. I feel so empty and sad after watching. So so hard to watch and listen to.”

A third wrote: “OMG I was a Michael Jackson fan until now listen to that 2 men my god my heart go out to them boy having gone though that hell I am so sorry.”

Among the tweets, another added: “As a life long fan of #MichaelJackson #LeavingNeverland was not an easy watch”.

Another warned: “If your a hardcore Michael Jackson fan I wouldn’t recommend watching Leaving Neverland. But if you do it will change not only your out look on him but opens yours eyes to what fame and money can get you in a life plus a whole web of lies.”

But despite the raft of sickening claims – including that the Billie Jean singer forced kids to stare at a Peter Pan figure while molesting them – some still insisted Jackson was innocent.

One said: “There’s no denying that Micheal had an unhealthy obsession with children, but honestly what parent lets their child sleep in a grown man’s bed, that they’ve only met 4hrs ago?

“I mean…I don’t know what to make of this. I’m not a huge Michael Jackson fan. I love his music. That’s as far as it goes. But this feels all a bit shady to me.”

Another added: “I’m not a massive Michael Jackson fan, although I do love some of his music. But this first part of the documentary sounds like someone guessing what it’s like to be abused. “There’s something not quite right with the whole thing.”

Another viewer added: “I’m not a Michael Jackson fan, but the tone of this show is bizarre… I’m not buying it.”

The controversial documentary – which has been vehemently slammed by Jackson’s estate – saw Wade claim he was abused at the Neverland Ranch by Jackson when he was seven.

He says the abuse went on for seven years, and alleges two Jackson firms were used to lure kids.

James Safechuck also claimed Jackson had sexually abused him while he was sleeping.

Safechuck, who met Jacko on the set of a Pepsi ad, said the abuse started one night in a Paris hotel while he accompanied the performer on his European Tour.

Channel 4’s decision to air the documentary sparked protests outside their studios.

Jackson, who died in 2009 of a drug overdose, strongly denied all allegations of sexual abuse made against him.

His estate has vehemently denounced the documentary.

After viewing the film at the Sundance Festival, the estate called the documentary “tabloid character assassination”.

The second part of Leaving Neverland airs on Channel 4 on Thursday March 7 at 9pm.