Meghan Markle’s half-brother Thomas Markle Jr is arrested in Oregon for driving under the influence

The 52-year-old of Grants Pass, Oregon was pulled over on a Josephine County highway by state police at 1.33am Friday.

According to a police log, Markle Jr was ‘visibly intoxicated’ and the arresting officer administered a standardized field sobriety test.

He was taken to a detox center where he was found to have a BAC level of .11 per cent.

Records show Markle’s green Chevy Silverado was towed.

In an interview with earlier this month, the window-fitter revealed he and fiancee Darlene Blount will tie the knot in March.

The pair have been together for more than two years but have endured multiple alcohol-related incidents that have seen both arrested.


Blount, 38, was arrested in late July at the couple’s Grants Pass home after she allegedly blacked Markle Jr’s eye.

The two quickly reconciled and Markle Jr would later state the incident was an ‘accident’ and begged a judge to lift Blount’s no-contact order.

Markle Jr said he had told District Attorney Michelle Enfield that the couple want to be together and have quit boozing, as well as undergoing therapy.

‘I explained to the lady at the DA’s office that we’ve had ups and downs in our relationship, we both have troubled pasts.

‘A lot of trauma from our past experiences and that we’re both really getting to know each other and sometimes, if we do drink a little bit too much, those buttons get pushed really easy.

‘We get in some pretty good arguments and stuff like this happens. But I explained to her, I said we’re getting couples’ counseling, individual counseling and we’ve drastically just cut alcohol and beer out of our lives.’

In January 2017, Markle Jr was arrested at his Oregon home after pulling a gun on his now-fiancée during a drunken altercation.

Blount told cops she had been in fear for her life and he spent two nights in the Josephine County Jail as a result, although the case was dropped the following month.

Blount was again previously collared after another drunken argument and bizarrely accused Markle Jr of hitting himself during a 911 call with local cops.