Meghan Markle’s dad picks up takeaway food while waiting for news of his royal grandchild

Meghan Markle’s estranged father is waiting for news of his sixth grandchild alone at home in Mexico.

Thomas Markle Sr, 74, has been frozen out by his youngest daughter since last May when he missed the royal wedding amid a paparazzi photo scandal.

He has repeatedly spoken of how he misses Meghan, 37, and is desperate to see her again but has admitted he is unlikely to ever meet his royal grandchild.

And while ex-wife Doria Ragland, 62, is in Windsor for the impending birth, Markle Sr has spent time largely by himself, briefly appearing in central Rosarito for a fast food run.

The retired lighting director made the short trip to pick up some fried chicken from a local chain called Pollo Azil – which features a crown logo and the tagline: ‘el rey del pollo [the king of chicken]’.

Half a chicken accompanied by a side and a serving of tortilla chips and salsa costs just 87 pesos (approximately $4.60) while a whole bird costs 150 pesos (less than $8).

The grandfather-to-be emerged clutching a large bag of food before heading back to his quiet clifftop cottage.

An onlooker said he barely spoke during the visit and didn’t mention either his youngest daughter or the impending birth.

‘He didn’t look too well,’ the source said. ‘He walked in very slowly and stood there quietly while he waited for his food.’

Markle Sr. has been frozen out since missing Meghan and Harry’s wedding last year and has tried to resume his quiet retirement in Mexico – while making the occasional intervention in the media.

Although cut out of Meghan’s life, Markle Sr does have five other grandchildren – two of whom he has never met.

Eldest daughter Samantha is mother to Ashleigh, 33, and Chris, 31, who both live in Virginia and have built successful careers as a lawyer and a pilot respectively.

They were raised by their father Earl Hale and are not in contact with most of the Markle clan, including their grandfather.

Samantha’s youngest daughter Noel, 21, is currently studying sociology in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and is estranged from her mother, although close to her grandmother Roslyn, 72.

Thomas Markle Jr, 52, is a dad-of-two but has fallen out with youngest child Tyler, 26, as well as his own father.

Tyler, who recently appeared on MTV reality show The Royal World, makes his living as a marijuana farmer in Oregon, while older brother Thomas III, 27, lives in Mammoth Lakes, California, with his husband and runs a branch of Domino’s Pizza.