Meghan Markle baby news: Queen’s car with pink blankets SPOTTED arriving at Windsor

THE QUEEN’S car arriving at Windsor Castle with what looked like pink blankets in the trunk fuelled major speculation Meghan Markle has already given birth to her royal baby.

Queen Elizabeth II’s vehicle arrival to the Royal Borough of Windsor sent royal watchers into frenzy earlier today. Motorist Tamoor Ali spotted the monarch’s Bentley being escorted by a police motorcade through the Berkshire town and immediately suspected it was a sign of the royal baby’s birth. The 37-year-old finance worker told The Sun Online: “We had got off the M4 and a police motorbike stopped us and asked us to pull to the left.

Then we saw a vehicle that had pink paraphernalia at the back of the windscreen go past – it was going very slowly over speed bumps.”

The pace the vehicle was going at led Mr Ali to think there was someone very important and very delicate in the Queen’s car – maybe even Meghan and Prince Harry’s royal baby.

He continued: “It seemed like someone was in there who couldn’t handle speed bumps – a baby.

It seems to me that the baby is here and they haven’t announced it yet.”

While royal fans starved of news regarding Baby Sussex were willing to embrace this theory, a palace source insisted the monarch’s Bentley simply signalled the Queen’s arrival to Windsor Castle for a planned engagement.

The monarch will present later today at a service of the Royal Victorian Order at St George’s Chapel, on the grounds of Windsor Castle, according to her royal diary.

The Queen, accompanied by her cousin the Duke of Kent, will then move from the chapel where Meghan and Harry exchanged their wedding vows on May 19 last year to her residence, where she will give a reception for those attending the service.

The Queen’s diary also suggests the monarch will remain in the royal borough of Windsor until May 7, when she will give a luncheon for members of the Order of Merit at her castle.

Windsor Castle and Frogmore Cottage, the new home of Prince Harry and Meghan, are only a 10-minute drive from one another, which may signal the monarch’s desire to remain close to her grandson and Meghan as their firstborn’s birth looms.

The Bentley was spotted just hours after a vehicle had been escorted by police in the direction of Windsor Castle.

Senior Producer and Videojournalist for Good Morning Britain, Rav Vadgama, posted the video on Twitter, alongside the caption: “#RoyalBabyWatch A coach under police escort being led in the direction of Windsor Castle #BehindTheScenes”.

The vehicle, a large coach, is likely to not be linked to Meghan’s baby but rather to the Queen’s engagement, and may be carrying those attending the service of the Royal Victorian Order.