McDonald’s Monopoly Is Back This Month

It’s time to put aside all the recommended healthy-eating guidelines, because McDonald’s Monopoly is back this month.

Fast-food fans will be pleased to know there’s just two weeks to go before it’s reintroduced, kicking off on 20 March.

And this year’s prizes don’t disappoint with ‘millions’ up for grabs, including MINI Cooper cars, vouchers and City Breaks, as well as cash prizes ranging from £5 to £100,000.

In case you’ve somehow managed to spend your entire life completely oblivious to Maccie’s Monopoly, qualifying purchases will now come with a peel-back sticker attached to the packaging which have instant wins or codes you can use online to claim bigger prizes others are ‘collect to win’ stickers that you need to get two or three of to bag a prize – any excuse to eat more McDonald’s food, eh?

But for this year’s promotion, the fast-food giant has removed the ‘go large’ incentive, increasing the number of stickers provided for a medium Extra Value Meal to ensure customers receive the same opportunity to win regardless of their order.

And for the first time ever, customers will receive Monopoly stickers on carrot bags and side salads as well as Big Flavour Wraps including the new Spicy Veggie One.

But our pals at Maccie’s give one with hand and take away with the other, because just as the game is introduced, it’ll be time to say ‘goodbye’ to the Big Mac Bacon, the Grand Big Mac Bacon and the Mac Jr Bacon, which are all disappearing from restaurants on the 19 March

The Big Mac with the addition of bacon is something that previously had to be ordered using a ‘menu-hack’ but was introduced as a proper option earlier this year, much to the delight of food-lovers, who think two patties isn’t quite enough meat for one burger.

Try not be too down-hearted about it coming off the menu, as you’ve still got a couple of weeks to get your greasy mitts on one.

The Monopoly promotion will run from Wednesday, 20 March until Tuesday, 30 April and participants must be aged 16 or over to take part.