Maniac ‘beat girlfriend’s daughter, 4, to death after she spilt juice on his Xbox’

A TEENAGER is accused of beating his girlfriend’s daughter to death after she spilled juice over his Xbox.

Johnathan Fair, 19 from Waukegan, Illinois, is facing life in prison over four counts of first-degree murder.

Skylar Mendez, 4, the daughter of his girlfriend died in hospital a few days after the incident.

Fair had initially told cops she was injured in a fall but doctors found signs of previous physical abuse, according to the Daily Herald.

Assistant State’s Attorney Steve Scheller said Fair had been babysitting Skylar on December 13 when she spilled juice on his games console.

Prosecutors say he then punished her for her actions.

Fair is said to have confirmed he shook the toddler “really hard” and beat her, according to police statements.

Authorities say he also kicked her down the hall several times.

The alleged beating caused Skylar’s brain to swell which doctors were unable to relieve.

Fair’s girlfriend was not at home at the time of the incident, the Daily Herald says.

Police said Skylar was taken to hospital by both Fair and her mother.

Fair’s bail has been set at $5million (£3.9m).

A GoFundMe page was set up by Skylar’s aunt Cecila Villalpando, asking people to help pay for the funeral costs but is now no longer accepting donations having raised $3,120.

She wrote on the site: “We have found out that it wasn’t a tragic accident. A monster took our beautiful niece from us.

Then adding in a later post: “Our sweet angels life was taken from us by a heartless human being.

“Just adding more pain into our lives knowing that someone took our babygirl.

“We greatly appreciate your donations and support.”