Man went for drink to wait for delayed flight and ended up on 43-day bender

A MISSING traveller has been found 43 days after going on a drinking binge to kill time waiting for a flight.

Thai chef Uthai Waenbarb, 36, was delayed for five days in Russia before a connecting flight home from Budapest

Uthai then hit the airport bars – downing alcohol for several hours before being arrested and kicked out of the airport in Moscow, with a standard 30-day visa.

The chef said he then continued drinking but has little memory of the next couple of weeks, during which he lost his passport, all his belongings and found work as a rubbish collector.

Meanwhile, his worried family in, Nong Khai northeastern Thailand, who had been waiting for him filed a missing person’s report in Hungary, Thailand and Russia.

Dishevelled Uthai was finally found on Tuesday in Khimki city, around 27Km from Moscow airport.

Eventually two people saw his plight and took him to the Thai embassy in Moscow, where he is being looked after until he can return home.

Uthai said: “I was so upset after being told by the airline to wait for five days, I decided to drink and after that I cannot remember anything but losing my passport.

I have no idea how I went to Khimki, I just remember I was arrested by police a couple times.

“I was also lent some money by a Thai woman who is married to a Russian guy and I was working as a garbage collector to try to save money for a new ticket.”