Man claims his pee tastes as good as BEER – and a pint a day’s left him ‘healthier and smarter

FORGET heading down to the pub for a swift one – meet the guy who claims his own urine tastes like BEER.

Fabian Farquharson, 37, has been downing his own pee for three years, after reading about its supposed health benefits online.

He starts every day with a pint of fresh urine, chased down with 300-400ml of aged pee.

The interior designer, from Sheffield, claims that his unusual thirst quencher has left him feeling happier, healthier and smarter.

I’d been researching alternative medicines when I read about drinking aged urine,” he says.

“I’ve always been open-minded about that sort of thing, so I decided to give it a go and drink it fresh.

It tasted a bit like a bitter ale initially, it was quite strong but not a terrible taste and I had no problem finishing the glass.

“It was about half an hour later that I started to feel amazing, I was absolutely bursting with energy.”

He says that now, he never goes a day without drinking his own pee and would “recommend it to anyone”.

Fabian first started researching holistic therapies back in 2013, when he was suffering from mysterious belly pains.

He said: “I was travelling a lot for work and eating junk food – Burger King, McDonald’s, anything convenient.

“I was getting a lot of pain in my stomach and scans couldn’t find an ulcer or anything that could explain it, so I started looking online more and more.

“I’ve always been quite into holistic health but that was when I started to adopt it into my life more – starting with my diet.”

He then adopted a largely raw fruit diet and immediately noticed a difference.

Fabian explained: “I started to eliminate ‘normal’ foods and ate only fruit. I’ll use mangos, pineapple, strawberries – any fruit really, and add in chia seeds, flax seeds and hemp powder to make a smoothie.

“I quickly started to feel amazing. I had more energy than I had in years, and could feel my well being improving.”

But that wasn’t enough.

He kept looking into alternative ideas around health and in 2015, Fabian decided to take the plunge and start drinking his urine.

He says that his friends and family “weren’t that surprised”, because he’d always been experimental when it came to trying out health remedies.

Describing the taste, Fabian said: “It was comparable to the taste of bitter ale initially and it felt a bit like the first time I tried beer.

“As time went on the taste became a lot weaker, and now it’s practically water – which is probably down to my diet.”

He claims to have felt the effects just half an hour after his first sip.

He said: “I had a spring in my step and felt so energised – I went home that day and cleaned my whole house.

As I continued, I noticed an increase in my mental capacity. I felt smarter somehow, able to concentrate more and my overall well-being was better in general.”

As well as drinking fresh pee, he also leaves some for up to a month so that it can reach the desired PH level of nine.

Explaining the process of aging his urine, Fabian said: “I store it in glass containers like mason jars, label it with the date and then leave it for around 30 days.

“In that time the urine increases in alkalinity and all of the amazing benefits are magnified.”

The idea is that by leaving the urine, it goes through what Fabian calls a “magnification process”, which makes any alleged benefits more potent.

When he’s not drinking his own waste product, Fabian is busy juggling three jobs – interior decorating, a kitchen business and presenting a YouTube talk show with co-house and friend, Lee Moulson.

They promote the idea of needing to “alkalise to realise”, named because of the “high alkalinity levels” of aged urine.

“I met Lee online after he watched me talking on a friend’s video about urine therapy,” explains Fabian.

“He got in touch and we found that we share the same beliefs, and eventually we decided to make videos together.”