‘Major incident’ as up to six children are rushed to hospital after swimming pool is evacuated over ‘chemical leak fears’

Up to six children were taken to hospital after suffering a reaction at Aura Leisure Centre in Letterkenny, Donegal, according to reports.

It was said that the children became unwell during a swimming lesson this morning, and the pool was evacuated by the staff and emergency services were notified.

Reports have indicated there may have been fears of a ‘chemical leak’.

Dongel Daily reported that three children were taken to hospital, and as many as 60 were treated on site.

There were no life-threatening injuries, but one mother told the newspaper her three children were in the pool when one of her sons said he saw ‘dark fluid’ coming out in the pool underwater.

Kids were screaming and running around,’ she said.

‘Some dark brown fluid came out in the pool and the staff took them out. Kids were sick, coughing and vomiting. The kids were all shaking and scared.’

Roughly 100 people were evacuated from the centre as emergency services arrived, it was reported.

After the incident emerged Letterkenny University Hospital put emergency plans in place.

Highland Radio journalist Greg Hughes had tweeted: ‘Up to 6 children have been taken to hospital for treatment to a reaction they had to chlorine in the water at the swimming pool at the Aura Leisure centre.

‘Most others have been sent home.’

The ‘major incident’ had been described as ‘very serious’, and Gardai have been seen at the leisure centre.

RTE reported that doctors and nurses were on site at the centre to treat children for injuries, and it is understood that a consultant in emergency medicine attended the scene.