LOVE IT OR HATE IT Papa John’s is doing Marmite and cheese mini pizza scrolls

PAPA John’s has launched a new side dish and it comes with a controversial filling that you’ll either love or hate.

It’s new Marmite & cheese scrolls are available from today and come filled with the classic spread and melted cheese.

They’re available across the UK until February 3, so you’ve got just under a month if you fancy trying them.

If you’ve never heard of a pizza scroll Papa John’s describes it as a ‘part pizza and part pastry’ hybrid.

The side dish is popular in Australia, according to the pizza chain, where they are typically filled with Vegemite.

But Papa John’s have brought it over to the UK and replaced Vegemite with the classic British spread.

It seems people are keen to try the pizza scrolls with one twitter user saying: “Papa John’s sell Marmite and cheese scrolls now. 2019 coming in hot.”

Another user replied to Papa John’s Instagram post saying “Fantastic”, but others weren’t too sure with one user replying “marmite is horrible”.

Papa John’s hasn’t confirmed how many calories are in one scroll but they do come in a portion of eight so there’ll be plenty to share around.

You can also get the side dish in a offer where a large pizza, the Marmite & cheese scrolls, another side and a 1.5litre bottle of Pepsi comes to £18.99.

Papa John’s has over 400 stores in the UK and you can find your nearest branch using its online store locator.