Love Island’s Yewande Biala and Danny Williams snog for the first time

LOVE Island beauty Yewande Biala finally kisses Danny Williams in tonight’s show as their romance heats up.

Amber Gill looked shocked in a teaser clip after she saw a couple snog – with viewers left guessing over who’d got close.

But The Sun can reveal Amber’s reaction came as she witnessed Yewande and Danny’s first smooch.

The pair got to know each other this week after Danny chose to take the scientist on a date following his arrival at the villa.

But Danny’s head was soon turned by Molly-Mae Hague after she confessed to him being her type.

Amy Hart wasn’t happy after she realised Molly-Mae was in pursuit of Danny despite Yewande’s feelings for him.

Their romance was rocked again after Danny was chosen to go on dates with new arrivals Maura Higgins and Elma Pazar.

Danny made clear to Yewande he was unimpressed by her and the other female Islanders making fake laughter noises as the new girls enjoyed their dates.

On Thursday’s episode he said: “The laughing thing? What was that about?”

Yewande replied: “Do you know what it is it’s because they came in like really, really confident.

“I feel like they kind of set the atmosphere for themselves and anything after that was just a reaction of what happened. A reaction has a reaction, it’s just the laws of physics.”

She later admitted to being on edge after the new females arrived at the villa.