Love Island’s first couple to split just two weeks after the show ends

LOVE Island’s Chris Taylor and Harley Brash are the first couple to split just two weeks after the show ended.

The pair hooked up after snogging on TV and had hoped their romance would turn into something more serious outside the villa, but have decided to call it quits after realising they’re just good friends.

A source close to the couple told The Sun Online: “Harley and Chris broke up a couple of days ago, it was really amicable and they both agreed they’ll stay friends.

“Sadly there’s no romance there – it was just a holiday fling.”

However the couple have remained fiercely tight-lipped about the split over fears they could miss out on lucrative opportunities – such as the ITV2 Supermarket Sweep reboot with Rylan Clark-Neal which they filmed together yesterday despite secretly no longer being an item.

A successful Love Island couple can make thousands of pounds and can often be more lucrative than going it alone, especially if the person wasn’t in the villa for long.

After arriving back in the UK from Majorca where the show is filmed, the couple hit the media trail, appearing together on Good Morning Britain, Kiss FM, and Heat Magazine’s Under the Duvet YouTube.

However they sat apart at the Reunion Show on August 4 and other than a date to Alton Towers last week, they have rarely been seen together since.

Our source added: “Nobody wants to be the first couple to split up – it’s embarrassing and there’s so much pressure to stay together to make money.

“It’s all over but they don’t really want fans to know that – they’d rather someone else split up first!”

Another source behind the scenes of Supermarket Sweep revealed: “They barely spoke to each other all day – it was obvious there’s nothing between them.

“She arrived to filming first and he came separately – they were definitely faking it for the show.”

Their split comes just 18 days after announcing they were dating ‘exclusively’ and not seeing anyone else when probed by Caroline Flack on spin-off show After Sun.

However, just a few days later at the series wrap party, Chris, 29, left furious Harley sitting on the street after being spotted cosying up with Casa Amor beauty Maria Wild.

Soon after, Chris jetted off to Ibiza to celebrate Danny Williams’ birthday with a host of Love Island couples – but Harley, 20, stayed at home.

Meanwhile, both Chris and Harley have continued to post throwback snaps of each other on Instagram – with Chris attempting to throw fans off the scent with a gushing message to Harley.