Love Island spoiler: The cast erupt at each other in wine-fuelled bust-up

TENSIONS are set to reach fever pitch on Love Island when new Islander Maura Higgins blasts the villa’s “immature” girls and Michael Griffiths slams “childish” Amber Gill’s behaviour.

In scenes set to air on tonight’s show, Michael, 27, and Amber, 21, erupt at each other in wine-fuelled bust-up following his date with model Maura, 28, which was interrupted by the Geordie, Anna and Molly-Mae from the Villa’s balcony.

While Maura and Michael discuss his role as a firefighter over his home-made dessert, Anna could be heard shouting, “Michael, how was your dessert?” from the balcony as Amber and Molly-Mae giggle looking on.

With their interference riling ring girl Maura up, the Longford native says: “Why are they being so immature? I actually think it’s so embarrassing. I’m sorry.”

Things quickly go up a notch as Maura perfectly pushes the girls’ buttons insisting, “I’ll give them something to talk about” before feeding Michael part of a banana, leaving them aghast.

After the dates finish up, the Islanders leave the Villa to meet the two new bombshells, Maura and Elma, by the fire pit.

Yet, Amber’s decision to initially ignore Michael following the date leaves him furious and launches him into a foul-mouthed tirade about her “childish” behaviour.

“Really? Wow.,” he says with a glass of wine in his hand. “I can’t deal with this s. F that. No f*** off. I can’t be dealing with childish girls like this

Walking towards the rest of the male Islanders, he continues: “Fk that st. I can’t be dealing with childish girls like this”.

Pretending to be oblivious to her actions, Amber smirks: “Really like what?” which Michael fires back: “Childish s**t like that”.

“I just wanted to say hello to the one in the red dress,” she laments while Michaels asks: “You didn’t want to speak to the other one, no?”

Speaking in the Beach Hut, Michael explains that he wanted to speak to Amber straight after the date with Maura to reassure her.

He explains: “I waited so I could speak to Amber at the bottom of the stairs just so I could kind of reassure her again that’s there’s no reason for her to be feeling any kind of way.”

While pal Curtis attempts to tell him that the Northern beauty “likes” him, Michael is still fuming over Amber’s action: “Well she’s got a funny way of f**king showing it. Swear to God.”

As the Liverpudlian fumes, Amber appears in the Beach Hut and warns: “I think people need to get their facts straight before they come to me and try to have an argument with us.”

The tensions comes after Maura made it clear over dinner she’s interested in the 20-year-old Tommy Fury.

The sexual tension was palpable last night when Tommy and County Longford-born Maura met for the first time on their date.

Chatting over dinner during the episode, the two quickly hit it off discussing their Irish heritage and Maura’s career as a ring girl.

Meanwhile, Maura wasted no time letting boxer Tommy know that she found him attractive, showering him with compliments and sharing flirty banter.

As Maura and Tommy got to know each other over a cheese sandwich, the ring girl asked if he’d kissed Molly-Mae yet.

When she learned he hasn’t, she playfully told him: “I would have jumped on that.”

And after the date was over, Tommy told Anton about Maura: “I could look into those eyes all day.”