Love Island fans will love Anton putting Molly-Mae in her place

LOVE Island fans love Anton’s savage take down as he puts Molly-Mae in her place in tonight’s show.

In a first look clip, the Scottish hunk tells it like it is after being given the run around by the 19-year-old influencer.

Molly-Mae is seen in the bedroom, telling Tommy Fury she feels threatened by the arrival of new girl Maura Higgins.

Despite being coupled up, Molly-Mae has also hinted at being interested in Anton, 24, and Danny, 21, but clearly doesn’t like the fact Tommy’s head has been turned by Maura, 28.

In a case of pot calling the kettle black, Anton tells Molly-Mae during a group chat: “At the end of the day, you should have made it very clear to him, and you should have made it clear to me.”

Molly-Mae replies: “I do struggle with being open and honest about how I feel until I categorically know and I was going to pull you for a….”

But cutting her off, Anton says: “So you categorically know what, after a few hours? Because someone else has come in to the place?

“That’s it, you’ve made your bed, lie in it.”

Love Island fans were quick to take to Twitter to comment, with one writing: “Anton telling Molly mae you’ve made your bed lie in it is the best thing to happen on this year’s love island.

“Like can we all give anton a round of applause for saying the truth!!!”

Another added: “When Anton says the most sensible thing yet on tonights @LoveIsland first look to Molly Mae.”

A third agreed, tweeting: “HAHAHAHAHA omg #loveisland first look. Anton dragging Molly-Mae has made my day!!” before quoting the Scot.

Meanwhile a fourth wrote: “First look #LoveIsland, Molly loves attention, until it’s someone else getting it. Anton putting Molly in. her. place! Amber is a mood. I can’t wait.

Earlier in the clip, Tommy, 20, was seen telling Maura how he had turned her her “560 per cent”.

He added of Molly-Mae: “Listen, she’s a nice girl, at the time, she was the only girl I could see things with.”

Then in the bedroom, Molly-Mae was seen screaming at her Love Island partner as he lay on a bed, saying: “I want to have a boy in my life that literally worships the ground that I walk on.

“Do you not think I feel threatened by a stunning girl that’s come in? The guy that I like is a boxer, how do you think I feel?”

Love Island airs tonight at 9pm on ITV2.