Lad called Curt discovers very rude blunder when he tries to make a Love Island water bottle

DIE-HARD Love Island fans are desperate to own the iconic, personalised water bottles featured on the popular reality show.

But one viewer called Curt has been mocked after ordering himself a bottle that looked very rude indeed when it arrived.

The Love Island bottles really don’t work with my name #LoveIsland pic.

— Curt (@CurtisHall_1) June 3, 2019
Curt shared a photo on Twitter of the clear beaker featuring his name in the famous curly pink font – and the “r” made the word look extremely dodgy.

Inferring his name resembled the c-bomb, he added the caption: “The Love Island bottles really don’t work with my name #LoveIsland.”

His unfortunate dilemma clearly entertained Love Island fans as his tweet has racked up over 36,000 likes.

Many people joked about his situation, with one saying: “I think if you were about to order one of those bottles, it’s about right.”

Another commented: “Could buy that for a few people”, and one said “incredible”.

Meanwhile one wise person pointed that he should have got his name written in capitals to avoid the mishap.

The personalised accessories are nearly as famous as the contestants themselves and now you can get your own to enjoy while watching the show on ITV2.

You can “hydrate in style” with your name inscribed across the bottle in either pink, blue or orange writing.

The bottles are 740ml and 19cm height by 7cm width and come with a removable lid and are the same as the one’s in 2018.

But you will have to wash them by hand with warm water and soap as they aren’t dishwasher safe.

The water bottles will set you back a cool £15.

It’s not just water bottles available to purchase, you can buy yourself a personalised Love Island phone case for a tenner.

Or perhaps a personalised washbag is more up your street – if so it’s yours for £12.

And if you’re thinking of splashing the cash and really committing to the theme then you can get a personalised suitcase for £55.

You can get your hand on the official merchandise at the Love Island online shop.