Katie Price’s boyfriend Kris Boyson is ‘only staying with her to get free teeth’

KATIE Price’s on/off boyfriend Kris Boyson is only in a relationship with the star so he can get new teeth for free and has threatened to ditch her when he’s back in the UK, a friend of Katie’s has claimed.

The pair visited in Istanbul, Turkey, where Kris upgraded his already pearly white gnashers at the same clinic Katie recently had liposuction and a facelift.

But while the couple acted loved up, behind the scenes things may not have been so rosy.

A source exclusively told The Sun Online: “They were sharing the same hotel room, but things were tense.

“It seemed a bit harsh on Katie as he was only getting a free teeth job at the surgery because he is her boyfriend.”

The couple split last week, just days before their trip – but rekindled in time to make it to Turkey for the treatment.

However, the getaway hasn’t helped and the arguments began immediately.

The source continued: “Kris knew he wouldn’t get the teeth without Katie so decided to give it another go. But reuniting so soon after the split doesn’t appear to have helped fix their problems.”

Representative for Kris and Katie declined to comment.

Before they went, Kris had already dumped Katie after she embarrassed him with her outrageous public behaviour while judging Porn Idol at G-A-Y nightclub in London.

They reconciled after just one day, but one of Katie’s pals says the “make or break” trip isn’t going according to plan.The insider revealed: “Kris is struggling to get over her recent behaviour especially when she was showing her breasts off in the nightclub and acting way over the top.

“He was very clear and told her how he could never bring her home to his mum or nan.

She’s been begging him that they should still be a couple, as the last thing Katie wants to be is on her own at the moment. She doesn’t feel strong enough to cope.”

In the last few months, Kris was making inroads with Katie’s family and friends, who thought he was a good influence, making her exercise and eat healthily.

But now they fear that Katie’s just his plaything.

The source added: “Slowly but surely, her family and friends are disliking him more and more.

“But Kris seems to have her wrapped around his little finger – he can come and go as he pleases.”