Katie Price on sex ban for next six weeks after facelift left her ‘looking like an alien’

Katie Price has been told she must not have sex for the next six weeks after undergoing a facelift and liposuction surgery.

The reality star will now have to wear an all-in-one body stocking to reduce pain and swelling after the operation, which took place last week in Turkey.

The 40-year-old mother-of-five made her first public appearance on Tuesday but sources close to Katie have told Metro.co.uk that she will now need to forget about sex for the next few weeks because ‘as with any surgery extreme work outs are not advised’.

‘Katie is happy with the results, despite the extreme discomfort of being “hit by a truck”, and has the bruises to show for it.

‘The pics are not flattering but she looks a lot better today and in person.’

The close pal added: ‘It is common post surgical practice to be in such garments – they are not sexy!

Katie is also pretty stiff and cannot be undoing the work she has undergone.’

The Pricey is clearly loving the results of her surgery though, as she thanked the doctors for her new appearance and eye shape.

Taking to Instagram, she read: ‘I know I look unrecognisable here but 4 days after surgery so very swollen and look like a alien but can’t believe how quick I’m recovering from my surgery from head to toe.

‘Excited for the results Thankyou Comfort zone surgery Gokturk Istanbul @comfortzonesurgeryofficial (sic)’

When she made an appearance on Tuesday however, there was a spot of blood still present at her earlobe, as she had the procedure done to her eyebrows and eyelids.
Even though images of her leaving Turkey shows painful-looking bags under her eyes, the black marks seemed to have faded over the past few days – with Katie making sure she’d hidden herself from social media as she got back to reality.