Kate Middleton visits Prince George’s school for this special reason

The Duchess of Cambridge is a regular on the school run with her son Prince George, but on Thursday she visited St Thomas’s Battersea in a different capacity – to support a cause close to her heart. Kate gave her backing to the school’s work to support Mental Health Awareness Week by attending a special talk given by mental health campaigner Hope Virgo, and taking the time to talk to her afterwards.

Hope shared details of the meeting on her Instagram account later that day, saying it had been an “honour” to talk to the Duchess. Sharing a photo of two dogs outside the school, she wrote: “This morning I spoke at Battersea School and it was absolutely amazing and a real honour to have the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, attend to hear me speak.”

The campaigner continued: “We had a lovely chat at the end about all the work she is doing on mental health. And because you can’t take photos you get these wonderful dogs who are so well looked after at the school. What a fantastic day!”

Along with her husband Prince William, and brother and sister-in-law the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Kate supports a number of mental health initiatives, and the group launched their Heads Together charity in a bid to change the conversation on mental health.

The Duchess has also spoken several times about the importance of addressing mental health in children, so it is no surprise that she would support Hope’s talk at the school, which teaches children aged between four and 13.