Kate Middleton praised by parents for her ‘fantastic’ response to cheeky Princess Charlotte

PARENTS have praised Kate Middleton’s sweet reaction to Princess Charlotte poking her tongue out at crowds at the charity regatta yesterday.

In an adorable video, the Duchess of Cambridge, 37, encourages her four-year-old tot to wave at onlookers in Cowes, Isle of Wight – but the princess has other ideas.

The video, uploaded by InStyleMagazine, included the caption: “Just when you thought it couldn’t get any cuter than the Princess wave. Kate’s reaction is absolutely priceless.”

Many amused parents were quick to gush over the clip, with one saying: “Just a normal child! You can’t control their every move. Kate’s response was fantastic!”

As Princess Charlotte cheekily put her tongue out, Kate appeared to erupt into laughter – like many well-wishers.

One said: “I love Kate’s reaction”, and another said “Kate blows my mind with her grace here! She is so beautiful.”

Some pointed out that Princess Charlotte was just behaving like any other mischievous youngster.

One person wrote: “Kids are the equaliser. It doesn’t matter who you are.

Movie star, doctor, athlete, or royal, kids don’t care and it’s their world and they’re going to do what they do. And if you think otherwise…you probably don’t have kids.”

And some said her “cute” actions were an “entire” mood that had made their day or year.