Junkie couple caught injecting drugs in car with filthy and injured two-year-old girl on the back seat

A JUNKIE couple were caught injecting drugs next to a two-year-old girl as they sat in a roach-infested car full of used nappies, police say.

Christan Wilson, 28, and 30-year-old husband David Dexter, 30, are facing prosecution for alleged child abuse and drug possession.

The lovers, who got married last June according to Facebook, were rumbled when a policeman checked on them as they sat in a car park in DeLand, Florida, on Wednesday.

The officer was making sure they were OK in searing 40C heat, according to Fox News.

When he reached the car, the cop saw drug paraphernalia spilling across the seats – and an investigation was launched.

A number of needles were found in the motor, with one next to the driver’s seat containing a liquid later identified a type of opioid.

There was also a bottle cap which held the same substance.

Dexter said the drug was Dilaudid – an opioid used to treat moderate to severe pain – and was bought while the child was in the car.

The little girl was wearing just a soiled nappy and a shirt as she moved around freely across the seats – and had an open wound on her neck and scabs on her legs.

Dexter admitted the injuries had come after the child, whose name has not been released, stumbled into a lit cigarette.

Police said the cockroaches were among a number of different bugs living in the car among soiled nappies, dirty clothes and waste food boxes.

The child has been deemed healthy by fire services. She is being looked after by a suitable family member.

The couple have been held up in Volusia County Branch Jail, east Florida, on £4,350 bail.