John Bishop sells up to HS2 after saying rail plan will ‘destroy communities’

He has sold the rural Cheshire pad for £6.8million – six years after paying £2.25m for the mansion

Locals will think comedian John Bishop is having a laugh after selling his mansion to the company building a high-speed rail link.

There won’t be many smiles in Cheshire after the funnyman sold up having previously hammered the plan.

He sold his seven-bedroom home for well over £4million for what he paid for it six years ago.

The 52-year-old previously called the HS2 plan “the Great Train Robbery” – and had a number of digs about it online.

But Land Registry records now show the new owner is The Secretary of State for Transport – meaning he has done a deal with rail bosses so the project can run smoothly.

But John says he has had no choice than to sell up, as HS2’s proposed plans had rendered the property “unsellable”.

In a statement to Mirror Online, John’s rep said: “John Bishop maintains his opposition to HS2.

He is unhappy, like many others affected by the proximity of the proposed line, that he was left with no choice but to sell his family home to HS2, as the proposed line had rendered it unsellable on the open market – thus destroying all he and his family had worked for.”

John had previously voiced a cartoon with a train mocking the big money project and the impact on the area.

“I’m hiding….from the facts.” he said on the video campaign. “After spending tens of billions of pounds, I will only save 20 minutes

I will devastate communities – and destroy unique wildlife habitats.”

He also said: “I’m opposed to spending what appears to be a bottomless amount of money on a service which is to serve people like me – who don’t need it.

“I’ve got to clarify that it isn’t going in my garden, this thing is at least a mile from my house, it’s not going to really affect us, if it happens on that route.”