ISIS monsters threaten fresh attacks in London in sick new posters

ISIS supporters have threatened fresh attacks on London in chilling propaganda posters showing the Palace of Westminster on fire.

The bloodthirsty jihadis were driven from their last stronghold in April but since then fears have persisted their supporters could carry out lone wolf attacks.

The poster images have been gathered by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), an Israeli organisation that monitors jihadi propaganda output.

One of the posters shows several buildings engulfed in flames, including the Palace of Westminster and Big Ben, with captions written underneath in poor English,

“O Crusaders in London and everywhere,” the caption read.

“Do you think we have failed? Do you think the supports of the Islamic State gonna be surrender?

“Be know, O Crusaders, the soldiers of caliphate is everywhere and will attack immediately in your countries.”

According to MEMRI, a pro-ISIS media organisation posted the terror posters on the Telegram messaging site.

It came with a message telling followers to “answer the call” and warning ISIS opponents that attacks would happen “immediately” in their countries.

“The pro-Islamic State (ISIS) Ash-Shaff Media Foundation shared five posters on Telegram which threaten and encourage terror attacks in the West,” said MEMRI.

“The posters are captioned in poor English and feature background images of San Francisco, New York City, and London.

“The Ash-Shaff media group is believed to be based in Indonesia and/or operated by Indonesians.”

Another poster featuring what appears to be New York tells adherents to “go and answer the call.”

“Don’t spare none. Kill them all. It is now time to rise. Slit their throats. Watch them die,” the poster read.

Another poster depicts a man with a backpack on and a suicide bomb attached to himself standing in front of a taxi.

“Through our blood comes success and well give it our best to destroy the Kuffar. We will slaughter them all,” read the caption on the post.

Last year a court was told an ISIS terrorist was pictured stalking Parliament as he plotted to bomb Downing Street and behead Theresa May.

Chilling CCTV footage shows Naa’imur Zakariyah Rahman strolling through Westminster as he hatched his evil plan.

At the end of June, a report from the Washington-based Institute for the Study of War warned ISIS is set to come back – bigger and more dangerous than before.

Since their defeat they have been they have been linked to the Easter Sunday attacks in Sri Lanka that killed 250 people.