IRA’ claims responsibility for four bombs found in London and Scotland as cops warn there could be one more out there

FOUR bombs found in London and Scotland last week were allegedly sent by the “IRA” – with fears a fifth bomb is yet to be discovered.

The paramilitary organisation are said to have claimed responsibility in a note to a media outlet in Northern Ireland using a codeword

The group indicated five devices were sent but only four have been recovered, cops said today.

Counter-terror cops launched an investigation after the packages were discovered at Heathrow, London City Airport and Waterloo station on March 5.

A suspect package also led to the University of Glasgow being evacuated the next day with Scottish cops teaming up with the Metropolitan Police.

All the bombs were posted in A4-sized postal packages containing yellow Jiffy bags and were capable of igniting when opened.

They had a circular heart with a “love from Ireland” stamp on them – sparking fears the IRA were behind them.

The Met Police said today: “The claim was received on Monday 11 March by a media outlet in Northern Ireland outlet using a recognised codeword.

The claim was allegedly made on behalf of the ‘IRA’.

“The investigations into these devices continue and relevant enquiries are being made in relation to the claim that has been made.

“Given the packages received last week bore similarities to devices sent in the past which were linked to dissident groups associated with Northern Ireland-related terrorism, officers were already looking at this as a line of enquiry.

“However, we continue to keep an open mind and enquiries continue.

“We are also aware that those claiming responsibility have indicated five devices were sent. At this time, only four devices have been recovered.”

They added no arrests have been no arrests.


Security chiefs said last week they suspected the devices were a warning from IRA renegades ahead of Brexit and the possibility of a hard Irish border.

They bore the hallmarks of Provisional IRA firebombs planted in London stores in the early 1990s, which sparked blazes causing thousands of pounds worth of damage.

The official threat of a UK mainland terror attack by dissident Republicans was ­lowered from substantial to moderate last year.

But there are fears of a backlash if a hard border ­between the Republic and Northern Ireland is re-established.

If the group is found to be responsible for the packages, it will be the first Republican explosives found on the mainland since 2014.

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