Ignorant anti-Trump mob’s disgraceful ‘Nazi scum’ chant at D-day heroes’ memorial

IGNORANT anti-Trump protesters chanted “Nazi scum off our streets” during a D-Day memorial service in Portsmouth today.

Furious crowds clashed as Donald Trump and The Queen attended a commemorative event for the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings.

Vitriolic protesters flocked onto a square in the naval port and brandished signs reading “Dump Trump” and calling the US President a “racist”.

When pro-Trump demonstrators arrived carrying a “Lest We Forget” Union Flag and chanting “Shame on You” the mob called them “Nazi Scum”.

The angry clashes come days after ugly scenes in Westminster when anti-Trump campaigners surrounded a man and drenched him in milkshake.

Moments earlier Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn had told the crowd Mr Trump had created a “greater sense of hate and hatred that goes with it” before lecturing on “peace”.

Colonel Richard Kemp, former head of UK troops in Afghanistan, slammed today’s protest as “extremely disrespectful” to the Allied soldiers who fought at D-Day.

He told Sun Online:”It’s like demonstrating at the cenotaph on remembrance Sunday. It’s incredibly bad taste.”

Mr Trump is in Portsmouth to pay tribute during a special service to the hundreds of UK and US servicemen who paid the ultimate sacrifice on the beaches of Normandy in June 1944.

Dramatic video shows cops wading in and separating the rival crowds as tensions bubbled over this afternoon.

Protesters erupted when a pro-Trump campaigner grabbed a flag attacking the president and snapped it in half before lobbing it into baying mob in front.

Colonel Kemp said he was “outraged” at the demonstrations and labelled the protesters “anti-American”.

He told Sun Online: “It [the protest] is extremely disrespectful to the British, American and Canadians who took part in D-Day.

“Donald Trump is the commander in chief of the US armed forces and he’s here in that capacity to honour the people that fought and died in D-Day and to demonstrate against that is extremely bad.

“I don’t object to your right to demonstrate – the people who fought on D-Day fought for the freedom of our country and that includes the right demonstrate – but it’s very, very disrespectful.

Colonel Kemp added: “The organisers of this demonstration are generally people who are anti-American so they are demonstrating against our strongest ally.”

But Ronald Davidson, whose granddad served in the Second World War, said Mr Trump’s visit took away focus on the meaning of the commemoration.

He said: “The British Government are so busy looking after Trump that it is actually taking away from the reason we are even holding these D-Day events — to remember those who served on D-Day.”

A huge online backlash slammed the protesters for their “disrespectful” demonstration.

Sally Esposito wrote: “Shame on those protesters in Portsmouth today.

“Your reasons are right, but choosing this day is disrespectful.

“Those who died for you then so you can protest needed a day of peace not conflict.”

Lauren added: “What a messed up country we live in when people would rather protest about Donald Trump being in their city than remember the 75th anniversary of D-Day… The whole reason he is in Portsmouth.”

George Stephens wrote: “I detest Donald Trump with every fibre of my being but anyone protesting anywhere near the official D-Day 75th anniversary commemorations in Portsmouth are absolute tools.”