I was beaten for two years by my manipulative ex who tricked me into thinking it was all my fault

A FITNESS model has revealed she was abused by her ex-boyfriend for two years by sharing photos of her bruised body on Instagram.

Estefania Pereira, 27, says she was subject to both physical and mental abuse over the course of a two year relationship and was manipulated into believing it was her fault

Having first met her former partner when she was 24, Estefania claims his abusive behaviour first began as insults before progressing into physical abuse.

Sharing an emotional series of photos with her 444,000 thousand followers, the Colombian model posted pictures of her bleeding and bruised body after sustaining injuries at the hands of her ex-boyfriend.

In a post which has now racked up over 18,000 likes, Estefania said: “I am able to speak about this today because I feel healthy and my heart has healed and I am well.”

However, the model says she can not identify the moment the abuse started.

She wrote: “If you asked me how it all started, I would not know how to answer you. You do not even notice it, everything goes on escalating until the words or insults end and the physical abuse begins.

“Today I could not tell you when the first blow was because there were too many.”

But while still in that relationship, Estefania admits she was “blind, waiting for the person I fell in love with to return.”

She added: “There was so much manipulation that I ended up blaming my actions.

“It controls your head so much that it makes you believe that you provoked it, that it is your fault. And the saddest thing is that you believe it.”

Labelling that relationship as “the saddest two years of my life”, Estefania posted heart-wrenching images detailing the abuse – including photos of her battered and grazed legs and bloody cuts on her hands.

However, the fitness model has shared her story in the hopes that it will encourage other women to leave abusive relationships.

She dedicated the heartbreaking post to “the many women living through this” who are “remaining silent” out of fear of their abusers.

Estefania added: “Hopefully this post will help them open their eyes. Life is too short to live unhappy.”

Unsurprisingly, Estefania’s post has been flooded with praise from her followers.

One responded: “Thank you for being so brave and sharing your story.”

Another added: “I am happy you made it out alive, thank you for sharing. I hope women see this and realise that true love would never hurt them.”