‘I overdosed to escape my rapist uncle then he abused me in my hospital bed’

To the outside world, Andrew Temple was a trustworthy, well-liked family man.

Nobody who met him would ever have suspected he was abusing his niece up to three times a day.

“Uncle Andy” first raped her when she was eight.

He even groped her while she was lying seriously ill in a hospital bed after she took an overdose aged 15.

Now Temple’s victim Kerrie Feehan, 31, has waived her right to anonymity to talk about her 16-year battle to put him behind bars.

Kerrie wept with relief as the 53-year-old paedophile was finally jailed last week.

And she hopes her story will give other sex abuse victims the courage to fight for justice.

“If people say there’s not enough evidence, don’t give up,” she said.

Kerrie estimates her uncle attacked her up to 3,000 times between the ages of eight and 16.

Her ordeal began when he moved into her family’s Edinburgh home after his marriage broke down.

Afterwards he told her: “That’s what people who love each other do.”

That week an aunt noticed she was injured and took her to hospital.

Medics confirmed Kerrie had been raped but she told them it was a boy her age and no action was taken.

After that, the bubbly youngster became a shadow of her former self.

She said: “I became really quiet and ­withdrawn. I was so scared I’d get in trouble. The abuse was every day.

“It was twice a day, even three times a day if my mum and dad were out shopping.

“No one believed Uncle Andy would do anything like that because he was the most trustworthy, loyal person ever.

“The whole family liked him and no one realised what sort of a person he was.

“In actual fact he was a monster. I dreaded the door opening at night.

“For him it was like making a cup of tea. It was totally normal.”

The sicko eventually found his own lodgings but the abuse continued when he visited – and Kerrie’s parents trusted him to babysit her.

Temple eventually got back ­together with his wife – Kerrie’s aunt Linda – and became a dad.

But in February 2002, Linda was found dead at home, apparently ­having fallen down the stairs.

Temple’s abuse then became even more twisted as he told Kerrie she reminded him of his late wife.

“He’d say, ‘Looking at you was just like looking at Linda’ and then he’d sit and cry.

“He said I’d turned into a beautiful looking woman and my aunty would be proud that we were keeping it in the family.

“Why would I want to hear ­anything like that?”

Desperate Kerrie began to think the only way out was suicide. At 15 she took an overdose and was airlifted to hospital.

But she was sickened when days afterwards her mum told her Uncle Andy would be coming to visit.

He turned up with cans of beer in a bag and ­offered her one, even though she was on the verge of liver failure from the overdose.

He pulled the blinds down, shut the door and his hands began to wander ­under her bedclothes despite the fact she was hooked up to a drip and ­oxygen monitor.

“He couldn’t stay away from me. It was an ­obsession,” Kerrie said.

Later that year Kerrie attended her sister’s 17th birthday ­party with a friend the same age – only for Temple to ply her friend with drink and sleep with her.

A row ensued that night when he boasted about his conquest to a family friend.

Kerrie poured her heart out to the pal about Temple but asked him not to tell her parents.

“I begged and begged and begged him not to tell my mum and dad,” she said. “He didn’t but I wish he had.”

In 2003 she finally told her story to Lothian and Borders Police but they did not progress the case.

At 16 Kerrie was horrified to ­discover she was pregnant with the pervert’s child but was relieved when she lost it after four months.

When she was 17 she went to his house with a recording device up her sleeve in an ­attempt to trick him into confessing to his crimes on tape.

But he grew suspicious and searched her. During a fight he picked up a knife and stabbed Kerrie.

As police investigated, she told another aunt about the eight years of abuse.

She said: “I was in such a state and was vomiting.”

Kerrie made a complaint to a ­different Scottish police force in 2010 but again the case was dropped.

It was only when she met her ­current partner Caroline in 2014 and moved to South Shields that police took the case forward and it was passed to Police Scotland.