‘I can’t unsee it!’: Newsreader mocked for unknowingly wearing ‘penis jacket’ on live TV

A newsreader has been roundly mocked by the internet after people made out a rude symbol on her jacket – and now we can’t unsee it.

Those who tuned in to Australia’s Channel Nine this week saw anchor Samantha Heathwood on screen wearing a smart green jacket.

What is a perfectly innocent piece of clothing became something else to eagle-eyed viewers in Australia thanks to the unusual shape of the collar.

Rounded at the shoulders, the collar extends midway down on the jacket in a rounded shape, finished off with a zip.

But if you look closely (or read the headline on this story again) the collar’s shape does resemble a penis. We’re not going to go into the zip part, thank you.

The picture of Heathwood has been doing the rounds online, with viewers joking that it was a ‘d**k move’ for the channel to make her wear it.

‘I know I’m immature but this cracks me up,’ came a Twitter comment.

‘Literally cannot unsee it now,’ a Facebook comment read.

This isn’t the first time the jacket has caused a fuss, as it was worn back in 2015 by newsreader Natarsha Belling.

History repeating itself wasn’t lost on people who said it was ‘way worse’ than last time the ‘penis jacket’ had an outing.

‘Who thought that was a great idea? The first time!’ one viewer on Twitter asked.

‘That’s even worse than before…this time spillage’ came a further comment, presumably referring to the zip.

One rude Facebook comment said: ‘Except in 2019 it looks like the dick is leaking and the balls look more defined!’ Okay, mate.