Hundreds of Muslim children pulled out of class in protest over gay lifestyle classes

HUNDREDS of Muslim primary school kids were pulled out of class in a row over being taught about gay lifestyles, parents claimed yesterday.

Protesters have gathered outside the school for days, claiming their children are being “brainwashed”.

A community group said more than 80 per cent of youngsters had been taken out of Parkfield Community School, in Birmingham, on Friday.

The school declined to comment to the BBC on the number of absent pupils, although some children were seen being dropped off in the morning.

It comes after gay assistant head Andrew Moffat introduced a “No Outsiders” programme to teach children about LGBT issues.

But parent Fatimah Shah told the BBC that the lessons were not age appropriate.

And she said they were not teaching children British values, they were “promoting homosexuality” and it was “confusing children”.

Another parent said on Facebook: “Dialogue, petitioning and protests by parents have been repeatedly and arrogantly ignored. Our children, our choice — work with parents not against them.”

The school has declined to comment