How Michael Jackson rigged his paedo lair with bells and alarms to warn him if people were coming

MICHAEL Jackson’s Neverland ranch was a paedophile’s paradise with hidden sex dens he used to molest kids, claims one of his accusers.

In the explosive documentary Leaving Neverland, James Safechuck tells how the famous ranch was a dreamland by day and a nightmare after dark

The King of Pop, who died in 2009, even used alarms, bells and one-way glass to alert him to anyone approaching the alleged rape chambers, his accusers have said.

Jacko famously turned the sprawling estate he bought in 1988 into a kid’s playpark with a zoo, ferris wheel, pirate ship, bumper cars, a rollercoaster and amusement arcades.

But those who say they have suffered at the star’s hands claim the property is really a kid magnet which the Peter Pan of Pop used to lure and groom young boys.

Safechuck, now 41, alleged the pop oddball raped and sexually assaulted him around the 3,000-acre property from the age of 10.

He claims that bells lined a series of doors which led to Jackson’s master bedroom which would alert the entertainer to anyone approaching the suite.

In the doc, Safechuck said: “We would get a blanket and we would lie it on the floor in the closet, so we could close the door.

So there were bells and you could have a moment of hearing them trip so at least you knew if people were coming for him.”

However, the alleged sex acts were not only confined to Jackson’s closet, Safechuck claims.

He said: “He also had an Indian fort with like teepees so we would lay down sleeping and have snacks and have sexual relations there.

“There was also a game room and then upstairs in the arcade there was a bed and we would go up there and have sex there.”

Safechuck also said Jacko would carry out abuse in a creepy third floor attic and in another building on the ranch which was “far away from the main house” where Jackson housed some of his own memorabilia.

Then there was the cinema – with two private rooms fitted with one-way glass – where Jackson was almost caught out by the then schoolboy’s mother Stephanie.

Safechuck said: “The movie theatre had these two private rooms and you could see into the theatre… and we would have sex in those rooms.

“That was a bit dangerous. There was a bit of excitement there.”

The outdoor pool and hot tub were further sites of child sex abuse, claims Safechuck adding Jackson told him at the time that he had purchased the remote home just for him.

Safechuck alleges Jacko performed an underwater sex act on him while seeing how long they could both hold their breath for.

A former Neverland security guard told the court in the star’s 2005 molestation trial that he saw Jacko giving first public accuser Jordan Chandler oral sex in the swimming pool area of the sprawling ranch

The bedroom in Neverland’s train station was also a secret spot of sex assaults, according to safechuck

“And it would happen every day,” he said.

When cops raided the property ahead of the star’s famous 2003 child molestation trial they reportedly found photos of nude children and other pornography in a triple-locked closet in his bedroom.

“The vast majority of the pictures were of teenagers and/or young adults,” one investigator from the Santa Barbara County Sheriff Department wrote in a report at the time.

Some of the pictures depicted individuals wearing no clothing, or in a partial state of undress.”

According to Radar Online, officers also found drugs used for sex addiction and secret rooms, with the entrance to one obscured by a juke box.

Jackson was cleared at his 2005 trial, and moved out of the ranch after stating he felt it had been “too violated” by police during the raid. It is now on the market.

Jackson, who died aged 50 in 2009, strongly denied allegations of sex abuse made against him.

His family and estate have slammed Leaving Neverland calling the film one-sided.