House is COVERED in four feet of ice in upstate New York: Days of blistering winds from Lake Ontario see freezing spray encase nearby summer homes

Freezing spray from blistering Lake Ontario winds has turned a summer lake home into an ‘ice house’.

Owners of the home at Ramona Beach in Pulaski, New York, were shocked to discover the residence completely covered in ice on Tuesday.

According to Berta Smith, who is friends with the homeowner, the house is ‘under four feet of ice’.

Photos show the roof line of the home sitting just a few feet from ground level.

My heart is broken. Many memories on this beach I grew up on,’ Smith wrote on Facebook.

The high water levels are awful. Something needs to be done. 50 years of living there nothing like this never happened. We lived there year around and never had this happen,’ she added.

Smith also shared a photo of the home during the summer.

According to CNY Central, the home, which sits in Maureen Whalen’s camp, is one of several camps frozen solid along the shoreline.

‘When that starts melting we’re just very fearful that it’s going to come and ruin the house,’ Whalen told the website.

Whalen said she knows they are ‘going to have damage for sure, so we’re very sad about it’.

She also said that several camp owners may not be aware that their homes are covered in ice and probably won’t know until they come back for the season.

But by then, melting ice may cause flooding and extensive damage.

The phenomenon was caused by winds from Lake Ontario that caused massive waves to pummel the lake shore. The beach homes were then sprayed with several inches of water that turned into ice.

The more the waves sprayed the area, the thicker the ice became, resulting in the homes becoming fully covered in about three feet of ice.