Horrifying moment cruel mum drags her screaming son, 5, by his hair along the floor into hospital waiting room

HORRIFYING footage has emerged showing a cruel mum drag her screaming five-year-old son by his hair into a hospital waiting room.

Shocked witnesses captured the ordeal on their phones at Rush Copley Medical Centre in Aurora, Illinois

In the chilling video, the mum is seen tugging her son’s hair along the hospital floor before she suddenly pauses and stops to look at her phone.

Soon after, she dragged the little boy into the hospital waiting room where she told him to stand in the corner.

The boy was desperately screaming throughout the ordeal, which drowned the evil mum’s words in the video.

The mum’s younger son, who is said to be two years old, can be seen standing nearby, reported The Mirror.

The terrifying ordeal happened soon after the two little boys were fighting.

Police in Illinois are reportedly investigating the clip and have identified the woman.

No charges have been filed but the infant boys are staying with a relative for the time being