Horrified woman discovers ‘worms’ at bottom of Heinz can AFTER she ate the soup

A VEGETARIAN was horrified to discover ‘dead worms’ at the bottom of a tin of Heinz soup.

Natasha Goss, 20, claims that she only spotted the creatures once she had finished the carrot and coriander meal and was giving it a rinse.

Terrified that she ate some of the suspected worms, she is now considering taking legal action against the tinned goods giant.

She said: “They were stuck to the bottom, they didn’t seem to move around at all.

“There were two big ones and some really really tiny ones.

She says Heinz were unable to explain how the worms ended up in her lunchtime meal.

But they offered her just £25 in vouchers.

Natasha – who works with people who have learning disabilities – says she was outraged by the firm’s response.

She said: “All I got was well we’re very sorry you’ve got a complaint with one of our products.

“And I was like well it’s a bit more than a complaint.”

She added: “They talked me through the process of how it’s made and they said they just didn’t really know how it got in there

They couldn’t give an explanation and it seemed like it was kind of my fault.

“That made me feel really rubbish.

“At the time of it, I didn’t expect any different but then I spoke to my family about it.

“They were saying that I shouldn’t put up with them implying that it was me that who put the worms in there.”

Natasha, of Paignton, Devon, says she used to have the soup a few times a week but has been totally put off following the shock discovery.

A Heinz spokesman said: “Quality is always our top priority and so we were very sorry to hear about this isolated complaint.

“We go to enormous lengths to ensure our exacting standards are always met.

“All empty cans are inverted and air rinsed prior to filling in enclosed lines.

As this was a blended soup, the contents go through a homogenizer in addition to a high temperature cooking process, so anything of this nature would not have remained so intact.

“Given this we are at a loss to explain the complaint although we have provided some special Heinz vouchers as a gesture of goodwill.”