Horrific moment girl is thrown from out of control fairground ride and slams head-first into nearby wall

THIS is the horrific moment a young girl is thrown off a fairground ride and is slammed head-first into the corner of a wall.

The spinning bowl ride called ‘Olla Trueno’ (Thunder Pot) in La Rioja, Spain, does not appear to have a barrier to keep youngsters protected inside.

Footage starts with a group of kids enjoying themselves.

But as it gained a sudden amount of momentum, the bowl begins to spin and undulate vigorously.

Some children can be seen gripping onto the sides of the bowl in fear as its speed increases.


As the bowl spins one girl is sent flying from it and she crashes into the corner of a wall.

The girl, who has not been named in reports, can be seen holding her head as onlookers rush in and lift her to her feet.

She was taken to the San Pedro Hospital in the nearby city of Logrono, according to local reports.

She is not said to be in a serious condition, and is improving.

The City Council confirmed that the rides at the festival had all the necessary documents and permissions and said they hope the girl recovers as soon as possible.

The council said in a statement: “We understand that the incident was caused by an accident.

“In the name of the entire corporation, the mayor wishes the teen a speedy recovery.”

Officials reportedly checked the rides’ official documents but could not find any irregularities.