Home Bargains is selling Peppa Pig biscuits with a chocolate dipping sauce – and they’re a bargain

HOME Bargains is selling Peppa Pig chocolate treats for just 99p and parents are going mad for them.

The packs of “Muddy Puddles” include eight chocolate shortbread Peppa-shaped biscuits and a milk chocolate dipping sauce (the muddy puddle).

The biscuits are designed to be dunked and should delight kids who are fans of the TV show.

The treats are an absolute steal in Home Bargains too at only 99p for a pack of eight.

In Tesco the same pack would normally cost you £2 meaning the Home Bargains treats are more than half price.

Tesco has a deal on at the moment where you can get two packs for £3 (£1.50 each) but that’s still over a third more expensive than if you head to the discounter.

The deal was spotted by a sharp eyed shopper who posted in the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Facebook Group.

Hundreds of parents rushed to comment on the post, saying their kids would loved the treats.

However one poster was less convinced saying that her daughters hadn’t enjoyed the treats.

They’re not available online at Home Bargains at the moment, so if you want the deal you’ll have to head to your nearest store.

There are over 400 outlets across the UK and you can find your nearest one using the store locator.

The biscuit treats can’t be bought online anywhere other than Tesco.